Get 20% POP Bonus
POP Network is the torrent streaming platform of the future. Tron Foundation hates us, so we must be doing something right. Dump BTT/TRX before Tron dumps on you…again.
  • Earn Passive Income From Torrenting
  • Get 9.46% Proof-of-Stake HODL Rewards
  • Own POP Before IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)
  • POP Network Is Decentralized…Unlike Tron

Step 1 of 3: Whitelist your Wallet

POP is ERC-20 until mainnet swap

Why Swap POP for BTT/TRX?
Torrenting is the New Mining

Earn passive income with a POP Masternode sharing media on our decentralized content delivery network (dCDN)

Earn HODL Rewards

Get 9.46% staking rewards on the fast 2,000 TPS (transactions per second) Superdelegated Proof-of-Stake blockchain

POP Network is Pre-IEO

With a marketcap less than $5M USD, POP Network has 25x to catch BTT and 200x for TRX. Forget the sun, we're going to the moon!

Dump BTT/TRX in 3 Easy Steps
Whitelist your Wallet

Tell us where to send POP. We're launching as ERC-20 before mainnet swap like TRX did…except one person won't control everything.


After confirming your email, we’ll send dump instructions. Only dump from your whitelisted wallet. Put out this dumpster fire!

Get 20% Bonus & Chill

Thanks for the love! We’ll send POP (ERC-20) to your whitelisted ETH address. Since you are now an OG, you get 20% more POP!

Why Does Tron Foundation Hate Us?
POP Network has streaming torrents, TronTV does not

We have a working decentralized video streaming platform that uses the torrent network. Justin Sun's TronTV does not. Seriously, LOL! That has to be embarrassing.

We originally built on Tron, so they erased us

The Foundation disappeared our project from the leading Tron block explorer. Total mafia move. How could this happen? It shouldn’t be possible. But, this is Tron.

How does a blockchain sue its own developers?

Tron Foundation is threatening to sue us...for building on BitTorrent. What?! I can't even make this sh*t up. It’s easy to see why the creator of BitTorrent left in disgust.

Enough with the drama

After the Buffett lunch mess, Chinese police raids, and on and on we got exhausted. We've gathered some rebels from Tron to build something better. Dump BTT/TRX and join us!

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