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Adam Draper BoostVC

First investor in Coinbase


James Wo Digital Finance Group

Investor ETCLabs, Circle, Brave


Mashuri Clark MCMA Ventures

Bitcoin unicorn


Peter Vessenes New Alchemy

Bitcoin Foundation founder


Why POP Network?

We are disrupting the
$312 billion streaming market

Power is shifting from big centralized platforms to content creators & their social networks. POP Network is a decentralized ecosystem built to help you capture value from this radical transformation.

Masternode Torrent Network

Earn passive income running a peer-to-peer streaming node on the decentralized content delivery network (dCDN)

Superdelegated Proof-of-Stake

Earn 6% staking rewards on the fast 2,000 TPS (transactions per second) blockchain
*initially ERC-20 until mainnet launch

Artificial Intelligence Protection

Hybrid blockchain/cloud application uses AI to protect the network from harmful content and preserve the blockchain's value

Step 1: Acquire POP

Get POP Network Tokens (POP) to use the network and start earning rewards

Step 2: Masternode Rewards

Become a Masternode for 50,000 POP (0.8 ETH) to earn passive income and make your initial investment back fast

Step 3: Proof-of-Stake Rewards

Earn 6% staking rewards by voting with your tokens to select Delegates that protect and maintain the network


Live Demo

Decentralized Content Network


  •   PRESS PLAY on the video to start decentralized streaming demo


  •   The video is being served by peer-to-peer nodes, not a centralized source


  •   Become a Masternode to earn rewards as part of the decentralized content delivery network


Pop Network Live Demo
Connected: - peers
Download: - kb/s
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Why build on POP?

Robust Developer Ecosystem

Running blockchain infrastructure can be painful. That's why we are making an open-source stack to help developers build and deploy quickly. Focus on creating great dApps and synergy within the POP ecosystem, not reinventing the wheel.

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Want to get POP?

Token Information

For the ecosystem to endure, it must be sustained by token holders finding utility and value in POP. The initial token distribution is engineered for wide distribution to those actively participating in growing the network. POP is launching as an Ethereum ERC-20 token prior to mainnet coin swap in 2020. During the course of development, the mechanism for swapping tokens prior to mainnet launch will be made available with considerable time for feedback and implementation.

Token Distribution Plan

5 August 2019
0.000012 ETH/POP
30% Bonus
2 September 2019
0.000016 ETH/POP
20% Bonus
4 November 2019
- Bonus

Token Details

Pre-IEO Sale Starts September 2, 2019 1400 UTC
Pre-IEO Sale Ends October 31, 2019 2359 UTC
Token Symbol POP
Total Token Supply 1,600,000,000 POP
Token Format ERC-20 *initially ERC-20 until mainnet coin swap
Contract Verification 0x5d858bcd53e085920620549214a8b27ce2f04670
Token Accepted ETH
Pre-IEO Sale Hard Cap $2,000,000 USD
Pre-IEO Market Cap ~ $5,000,000 USD

Token Allocation

50% Distribution 800,000,000 POP
20% Rewards 320,000,000 POP
20% Team 320,000,000 POP
10% Foundation 160,000,000 POP


Meet the Builders

Global Leadership

Conceived in Hollywood. Built with by a global team of public and pseudonymous contributors.

Our past, present, and future

Milestones & Roadmap

EST. 2016

Q4 2016

BoostVC accelerator in Silicon Valley


Research and Development


  • Operational Needs Assessment
  • Concept of Operations
  • Operational Requirements


Alpha and Beta Testing


  • Functionality evaluation
  • Feature definition
  • Private and public demos
POP in China


International Technology Showcase

Worldwide roadshow meeting developers, content creators, startups, corporations, academics, and policymakers to articulate our vision of POP Network and the future of the industry.

Select events include:

  • CN flag Global Cable Innovation Summit | Hangzhou
  • UA flag BlockchainUA | Kyiv
  • GB flag World Blockchain Forum | London
  • NL flag Bitcoin Wednesday | Amsterdam
  • CH flag CryptoSummit | Zürich
  • ES flag CoinAgenda Europe | Barcelona
  • US flag North American Bitcoin Conference | Miami
  • US flag State of Digital Money | Los Angeles
  • CA flag Buffer Festival | Toronto


Ecosystem Development


  • The Pop Network Foundation created
  • Open-source developer outreach
  • Independent global communities established


Decentralized Content Distribution Network


  • Peer-to-peer streaming
  • POP Masternode development
  • Initial open-source commit
POP in Kyiv


International Development Teams

Expanding global groups of public and pseudonymous contributors in China, Ukraine, the United States from projects like TRON, Stellar, PIVX, and more.

POP Google


Artificial Intelligence Content Moderation

Continued development using Google artificial intelligence in conjunction with a hybrid public/private blockchain to offer the same content moderation protection on POP Network that is available to YouTube.


Token Distribution Event


  • Private Presale
  • Public Pre-IEO Sale
  • Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)


Testnet Launch


Mainnet Launch and Token Swap

Do your own research

Additional Information