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First investor in Coinbase


James Wo Digital Finance Group

Investor ETCLabs, Circle, Brave


Mashuri Clark MCMA Ventures

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Peter Vessenes New Alchemy

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Why POP Network?

The internet is a huge
streaming media platform

The $312 billion streaming media market is 82% of all internet traffic. Unfortunately, it is controlled by just a few centralized giants. Today, power is shifting from aggregators & platform providers to content creators & their social networks. We're building a decentralized ecosystem powered by Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence to help you capture value from this radical transformation.

Blazing Fast Blockchain

practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant (pBFT) Superdelegated Proof-of-Stake (SDPoS)
*initially ERC-20 until mainnet launch

Distributed Artificial Intelligence

Hybrid blockchain/cloud application uses AI & machine learning to identify and protect the network from harmful content

Decentralized Content Delivery

Peer-to-peer streaming on virtually any browser with no need to download sketchy software or install cumbersome plugins

Want to start a revolution?

Let's reimagine the internet
with you in control

Like Miley Cyrus says, "It's our party we can do what we want." Well, the internet is your party. All those bits of pop culture flying around the web were created by you, for you. They are only given value when you watch, listen, and share. Earn POP, our native utility token, by performing critical services that give the network life.

Masternodes & GPU Miners

Run a Masternode to stream & store media while securing the network. Dedicate GPU processing power as part of our AI computing grid.


Make what you love for the people that love you. No more suffering at the mercy of unaccountable platforms with arbitrary rules.


Support your favorite creators just by pressing the play button. Decentralized streaming happens automagically as you help grow the network.

Live Demo

Decentralized Content Network


  •   PRESS PLAY to start decentralized streaming


  •   Seamlessly become a node and start streaming to other viewers


  •   Earn tokens for expanding the network and making it stronger


  •   Imagine YouTube, Netflix, & Spotify…paying you for streaming!
Pop Network Live Demo
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Why build on POP?

Robust Developer Ecosystem

Running blockchain infrastructure can be painful. That's why we are making an open-source stack to help developers build and deploy quickly. Focus on creating great dApps and synergy within the POP ecosystem, not reinventing the wheel.

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Meet the Builders

Global Leadership

Conceived in Hollywood. Built with by a global team of public and pseudonymous contributors.

Want to know more?

The currency of pop culture

Join the waitlist and get early access to our upcoming IEO (initial exchange offering).